Jack Nicholson

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Beverly Hills, CA
Mid 1990s:

The paparazzi who introduced my brother and me to Tom Cruise had another tip for us on this star-studded night — Jack Nicholson was about to leave the event at the Beverly Hilton. We waited outside with about a half a dozen other people who were also tipped off. A long black limousine pulled up, and almost at the same time a side door opened and out walked Nicholson. He walked to the limo, opened the door, turned to us and said in his best Jack Nicholson voice, “Waiting for me?!” He smiled and got into the car.
— Sighting by NB

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New York, NY

I was at the premiere of “Amadeus” when I had to go to the bathroom just before the movie began. I walked out of the bathroom and nearly bumped into Jack Nicholson, who was just standing there. As I walked past him I touched his arm! Then it turned out he sat right behind us in the theater.
— Sighting by JB

New York, NY

My son was singing with his college choir at Carnegie Hall in New York City with 2000 other kids back in 1990. The hottest ticket in town was “Guys and Dolls” and my son wanted see it. Desperately, I called a top scalper agency in town and scored what he said were great seats. At dinner my son, who I had not spent a lot time with, mentioned that his favorite actor was Jack Nicholson. I casually suggested we go to a Lakers game sometime to see him there. We both knew it wasn’t likely. Anyway, we got to the show and were ushered to center seats, second row. Wow! The seats in front of us were empty, but just before the curtain went up none other than Jack Nicholson and a friend sat down in front us! He looked over his shoulder and said to my son, “Hi kid, sorry I blocked your seat.” For a divorced dead beat dad it doesn’t get any better!
— Sighting by MK