Al Roker

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New York, NY
Late 1990s:

al rokerI was in gift-wrapping area at Tiffany’s with Al Roker and his wife, television news reporter Deborah Roberts. She noticed I had a Calvin Klein bag (it was a rare upscale shopping day for me!) and she asked me how the then-brand new store was. She was very nice. Roker, on the other hand, had no interest in talking to me. Of course, that could have been because I told him I worked at a competing news station.
— Sighting by MB

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New York, NY
October 1992:

My friend’s girlfriend was an intern at the David Letterman show, and before my friend and I saw the show one day she took is up to the offices. We were on the elevator with Marilu Henner and Al Roker. They had a happy little celebrity conversation. Hey, Henner has that crazy memory — maybe she remembers us!
— Sighting by SL